I am a 3D / technical artist from Cape Town, South Africa with a passion for all things that cross the divide between the creative and technical.

I currently run the South African branch of RenderHeads, creating interactives and real-time 3D graphics.

Most of my time lately is spent creating interactive experiences for museums and brand activations.

Latest Commercial Projects

Faster Than Experience (June 2016)

Demo Reel

Creative Demoreel 2011 – 2013


Lighting, Rendering, Shading, Rigging, Compositing, Technical Direction. (more info…)


3D Cloud rending and compositing. Developed technique to composite the keyed player “into” (and not on top of) the clouds in realtime. (more info…)

Cartoon Rigging Test

Responsible for all aspects.

Projection Mapping

Responsible for all aspects. (more info…)

Environmental Modelling

Photographs supplied by Paul Mcwilliams / CG Society, Responsible for all other aspects.(more info…)

Jelly Beans

Responsible for all aspects.(more info…)

Phoenixfire set R&D

Responsible for all aspects.

Technical Demoreel 2012 – 2013


Responsible for all aspects. Languages: Python (Maya, PyQt, Google AppEngine). (more info…)


Responsible for all aspects. Languages: Python (Maya, PyQt). (more info…)

NNM Interactive

Responsible for development.

Hue Isolation Shader

Responsible for shader development.

Blurry Reflection Shader

Responsible for shader development.

Mosi Wall

Responsible for template updates and render-server R&D ( automatic length adjustment & video support) (more info…)

If you would like to view my graduate reel (2010-2011), click here ‎


My graduate short, produced with a team of 6 at The Animation School between March – October 2011.
For the project i took the role of technical direction, So I was responsible for the shading, lighting, rendering, rigging and compositing.


AnnotatorPro for Unity

A unity plugin that enables play testers to easily capture screenshots and annotate over them without breaking their flow. Drag and drop addition to any game.

UV ScatterScript

A plugin to simplify the scatter of object objects over a surface . The scatter effect is driven by image maps. Support for LOD switching is included as well as camera based culling to clean up objects not visible to the camera (works with animated cameras too!)

Recenter Objects

A small script to re-center objects to the origin in maya which have had their transforms frozen.

Mila 2 Json

A script to convert maya shading networks to json text file.

Photoshop path to OBJ

Photoshop script to export paths to polygonal meshes (OBJ files) for ruther use in applications such as maya or unity.

Skills Summary


The Animation School – 3D Animation Certification- 2009:2011

University of Cape Town – B.A Fine Art (Hons) – 2005:2008

Professional Development:

Character Facial Rigging (CG Society) – 2012

3D Environment Creation(CG Society) -2012

Image & Video Processing (Coursera / Duke University) – 2012

Technology I use most:

Unity3d – Maya – Nuke – Photoshop – Substance Designer

c# – python – php – AppEngine – WordPress – Linux