Accessing Maya’s time slider values in python

Just a quick post about how to access the playback range in the maya time slider using python.

#import animation module
import maya.OpenMayaAnim as animAPI

#gets the playback start time 
minValue = animAPI.MAnimControl.minTime().value()

#gets the playback end time
maxValue = animAPI.MAnimControl.maxTime().value()

A breakdown of whats going on here:

1. Import the OpenMayaAnim module to access the part of the maya api that deals with animation.

2. animAPI.MAnimControl – The MAnimControl class is called, which houses several functions that deal with how an animation is played back in the viewport.

2. MAnimControl.minTime () – This gets the start time of the animation in the UI bar, and returns it as a MTime object, which holds both the start value as well as what the unit returned is measured in.

3. minTime().value() – Returns time value stored in MTime as a float

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