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Faster Than Experience

Visitors were given the chance to test their mettle against virtual athletes and have the experience recorded and packaged into a custom digital takeaway. We were involved in the software development, hardware specification and physical installation on-site. The system processed over 4000 users and ran for 3 weeks continually at sites in Milan and Paris […]

Reset maya windows script

Detached maya windows have an annoying habit of getting lost when switching from a multi-monitor window to a single monitor setup!!! (or just in general, when they get lost under other application windows or ┬áthe start bar >.<) All hope is not lost however, here are two solutions to the problem:   Close maya and […]

Photoshop Path To 3D Mesh (OBJ export)

Over the last week I have been working on a proof of concept script that exports Photoshop paths to polygonal meshes directly. The script can export paths directly or it can generate them automatically from the transparent areas of a layer. This script has only been tested with Photoshop CC thus far.