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Ear Sculpting

I decided to do a little practice in ear sculpting. I find that it is a serious pain to model an ear correctly so that it doesn’t fall into the uncanny valley / look really odd. I followed a couple of tutorials, one in particular was a good starting point: My end result was […]

Involute Gear Model & Animation

I needed to model a working involute gear to be used in a close up shot for a project I am working on. It proved it be a little more time consuming than I first envisioned. Anyways I managed to complete it and have uploaded some screenshots showing  the topology flow and  a video of […]

Parent Shape Script (Maya)

I wrote a little python script to automate the process of parenting a shape node to an object as this feature currently isn’t available in the maya ui for some reason. It is very useful for cleaning up objects that you want to exist independently but underneath one common transform node. At the moment the […]

Storyboard Template

If you are looking for a storyboard template here is a really simple one I made for a project I am currently working on. Its 2 up on a page, 16×9 cels. Has space for a shot code and a description. I need to figure out a way to upload psd’s so that I can […]

Some Lonehill Inspiration

I thought I would post these two music videos as inspiration. They are both by the same band but the styles are quite different both musically and visually, and definitely worth watching. Oh and the band is Lonehill Estate, and they are proudly South African 😀