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Reset maya windows script

Detached maya windows have an annoying habit of getting lost when switching from a multi-monitor window to a single monitor setup!!! (or just in general, when they get lost under other application windows or  the start bar >.<) All hope is not lost however, here are two solutions to the problem:   Close maya and […]

UV Scatter 1.4 released

The next version of the UV Scatter plugin has just been released. The surface orientation bug as pointed out in the comments section has been fixed. A new feature to hide objects invisible to the camera has been added in order to improve playback of heavy scenes. A debug mode was added for anyone who wants to play with the code of the plugin. To activate it, set debugMode to True in the file. I’ve also modularized the code and added a meta node. The meta node allows easy access through the messages connection to all the LOD groups created by the scatter plugin.

Getting back onto scatter script

Just a quick message to say after a brief hiatus from working on the scatter script I am going to get development going on it again 🙂
I intend to:
Look into the issues with orienting of objects to normals.
Add camera culling
Add a meta node for easy access to the lodGroups from user scripts
Look into 2012 support (I am still trying to find someone with a copy so i can sit down and fix it)

Image Processing Practise: Finding Edges with Mean-Square-Error

In our second week of class, we covered the topic of JPEG lossless compression, and the prediction technique it employs to reduce the file size.

The technique is actually very simple, it takes the the current pixel f(x) and compares it to the pixel to its right f(x+1), and calculates the mean square error: the square root of (f(x+1) – f(x))^2 (it seems to me the process of squaring and then finding the square root is to make sure the value returned is always positive, so one could reasonably say something along the lines of Mathf.Abs(colour2-colour1) – if my reasoning is wrong please let me know!).