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Involute Gear Model & Animation

I needed to model a working involute gear to be used in a close up shot for a project I am working on. It proved it be a little more time consuming than I first envisioned. Anyways I managed to complete it and have uploaded some screenshots showing  the topology flow and  a video of […]

Storyboard Template

If you are looking for a storyboard template here is a really simple one I made for a project I am currently working on. Its 2 up on a page, 16×9 cels. Has space for a shot code and a description. I need to figure out a way to upload psd’s so that I can […]

Character Turnaround

This character was created for use in a one minute short I did for my second year at The Animation School. Production time on this model was about 1 week from start to finish. Modelling: Zbrush, Maya Rigging and Skinning: Zbrush, Maya Texturing: Photoshop, Mudbox