Global Game Jam 2014 – Under a Glass Bell

Game Concept

players are in a cell captured by an evil overlord. In order for 2 people to be freed, you have to kill 2 other players. Each object in the room has an item behind it which will either help you (e.g. knife, gas-mask) or it will kill you / everyone without a gas-mask (booby trap, or poisonous gas).

The main mechanic of the game: Player one puts on headphones and is given a message with some information about the location of an item. The headphones are then passed to a player of their choice who hears some more information. and this keeps on going until you think you have enough information to make a choice and take / trigger the item at a given location.

You can move around and interact with objects / players at any time. Everyone is given partial information so that you will have to form alliances with other people playing to get all the information you need. Sub mechanics: You can also block locations from other players by occupying them (walking up to them) The game is round based. Up to two players can win a round. First player to 3 points wins, to get ahead you need to find a gasmask and trigger the gas trap to kill three other players.


  • Richard Baxter – Programming / Project Lead
  • Shane Marks – Programming / Technical Art
  • Marc Burgess -Programming
  • Rodain Joubert – Game Design
  • Dorianne Dutrieux – Art
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